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  • Can I apply in cold weather (under 50 degrees)?
    Adhesive may stick but will lift easily. It is not recommended to install below 50 degress as the material can become brittle and tear easily.
  • Can I apply in extreme heat (over 90 degrees)?
    Apply in the shade. If the metal/glass is hot to the touch, allow to cool. Spraying a vehicle body with a hose and wiping dry is a good way to achieve this. Hot vinyl will get soft and stretch, making it warp or fit poorly.
  • Can I use alcohol to apply?
    Isopropyl rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol can be used to clean the surface you are preparing to apply your decals. Please be sure that the solvent you are using is safe for the finish of the surface you are prepping. HOWEVER... Alcohol will destroy the adhesive of your vinyl. ONLY use it to clean your surface well, let it dry before trying to apply afterwards and use the soap/water solution.
  • Can I use an ice scraper or putty knife on the sticker/decal for application?
    Sharp edges like those found on metal scraper tools may (most likely will) damage your vinyl. Please use a squeegee (available for $3 from Grafix615) or credit card to smooth your decal and squeeze out air/water.
  • How clean does the surface need to be?
    Thoroughly clean the surface with the approriate cleaner before application. Make sure there is no wax or cleaning product remaining on the application surface - vinyl may stick but will lift easily.
  • Can I apply wax/polish over the decals?
    Do not apply wax over graphics, especially if the wax contains any petroleum distillates, as the chemicals will remove the glue and/or contaminate and may discolor the decal. Detailing spray can be used if it is 100% synthetic and does not contain parrafin (wax) or Carnuba.
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