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These overlays are sure to spice up your ride and make it stand out from the rest! These are made of a high quality 5-7 year smoked ( or red if chosen) vinyl while also still allowing for light to legally shine through for safe use.The install is best with a felt covered squeegee but you can also use a soft rag wrapped over a squeegee (choose at the link below) or something stiff enough and soft enough to push out the water/air from the material.The way to install these requires water and a heat gun/hair dryer 💯. There is no way to properly apply them without heat as the material needs to be wrapped around the slight curvature in the lens.
If you are not comfortable with this process I recommend taking it to a friend who has experience or a shop that will do it for you locally.
These fit all 16-19 model Titans no matter what model and are shipped in a pair (left and right) ready to apply on delivery.

2016-2019 Titan Rear Tail Light Smoked/Color Overlay on

Colors Updated
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