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By popular demand, this custom order has been added to the webstore!


This flag is available in two sizes:

Size One: 25 inches x 17.5 inches. Cut to fit the left or right side of you rear window.

Size Two: 11.5 x 10. Cut to fit the sliding window in the center.


You will receive one American Flag decal ready to install! Size is slightly larger than the dimensions of the back glass. You will choose the side you wish to install on and trim it to fit.


ALSO, if you wish to order a different flag, order here and specify what you are looking for in the comments. Pictured on the red truck are the Stars & Stripes and Arizona flags. We can do many state flags, the Maple Leaf flag, the Union Jack, and several more!


A felt installation squegee is RECOMMENED with this order.


Available in several colors and prints!

American Flag for Rear Window

PriceFrom $29.99
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